Owen M.
Technical Skills:
Operating Systems:
Mac OSX 10.4.x
Linux - Debian: Sarge/Etch/Sid (Stable, Testing & Unstable); Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06; Gentoo Linux 2006.1
Windows 2000, XP (depreciated)
Development & Design Technologies:
Adobe Photoshop 7
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004
Development Environments:
Microsoft Office Suite
Database Management:
mySQL Database Server
postgreSQL Database Server
DHCP (automatic IP address assignment)
Samba (Windows to Mac to Linux file sharing)
SSH (secure, encrypted login console)
Apache HTTP (web) server
Jabber Instant Messaging Server
Content Management Systems
Joomla/Mambo Open Source
Lifetype blogging system
SimpleMachineForum (forum/community software)
URLs (primary backend technologies):
Pro Bono:
Morningstar Metalworks PHP, E-Commerce, Design, HTML

Employed/Work for hire
Clark University Template, Design, HTML, Admin

electr01ik.com Design, Layout, Backend, Admin
ArachnoidCyst.net Design, Backend (mySQL, PHP), Admin (LifeType blogging system, SimpleMachine forum)

arachnoidcyst.net, New Lisbon, NY
Webmaster/Network Admin, June 2004 to Present
Webmaster for arachnoidcyst.net, a community website for people dealing with arachnoid cysts and the many secondary conditions, as well as medication, doctors, surgical procedures, and research on the condition. Responsible for the selection, configuration, and installation of software (currently LifeType, a blogging package, and SimpleMachinesForum (SMF), a user forum package, with plans for a wiki or other similar knowledge-base style software). Perform maintenence and upkeep on both the beta- and production-quality (ie. mature) code behind both LifeType and SMF. Provide technical support for users, which can be either guidance for the non-web-savvy, or debugging reoccuring problems than can arise from using beta-quality code.

Mac-Laser Technology Inc., Oneonta, NY
Printer Service Technician, November 2003 to June 2004 - Full Time
Hired as a printer service technician, but in time my computer skills were realized and I quickly became in-house IT support for the entire operation, as well as allowing the company to expland it's own computer sales and support business, so customers were not only able to purchase computers through Mac-Laser, but bring them in for in-house technical support. I was also trained in the service, support, and repair of laser and ink-jet printers. Mac-Laser Tehnology is an HP authorized sales, service, and support outfit for HP's line of both color and black and white laser printers, for a 50-miles radius from the Oneonta-area, which I performed on a routine basis.

Morningstar Metalworks, New Lisbon, NY
Webmaster/Network Admin, June 2002 to Present - Full Time (Pro-Bono)
Webmaster for Moringstar Metalworks, a smallmetalwork craft business located in upstate New York. Integrated Paypal e-commerce for an online shop and website. Also manager of small LAN with a Linux server running Apache, Apache-SSL, postfix for e-mail, DHCP for dynamic IP addresses leased to the family computer and laptops, and WebDAV for web-based calendar hosting, sharing, and publishing. Samba is also used for in-house file-sharing, and Jabber for in-house IM conversations.

Staffworks (Pro Image Photo), New Hartford, NY (Cooperstown, NY)
Photographer/Computer Technician, June 2002 to October 2002 - Full Time
Photographer and system technician for small baseball-oriented photo studio located in Cooperstown NY. Used Adobe Photoshop for digital photo processing as well as photo manipulation and restoration. Responsible for daily upkeep and maintenance of Apple Mac G4 computers, photography equipment, and thermal imaging printers. Provided customer support and service in retail shop.

Clark University - Public Affairs Department, Worcester, MA
Assistant Web Designer, September 1997 to May 2001 - Part Time
Designed and maintained web pages for departments and campus publications. Participated in Clark University Web Site Committee, a core group of administrators, faculty, and students, assembled to evaluate and implement changes to the university website based on the needs of its viewers. Provided office support, photocopying, faxing, mail distribution, and phone/visitor reception.

Clark University - Music Department, Worcester, MA
Teaching Assistant, September 1998 to May 2001 - Part Time
Organized weekly sessions of 5-10 students for instruction in multiple aspects of computer music, including synthesis, arrangement, and mastering. Maintained studio space and equipment, ensuring integration of all equipment within the studio environment.

Clark University - Public Affairs Department, Worcester, MA
Assistant Web Designer, June 2000 to August 2000 - Full Time
Evaluated results of marketing study and compiled findings for redeployment of university website, taking into consideration usability testing and university-wide re-branding.

Clark University, Worcester, MA
Instructor, July 1998 to August 1998 - Part Time
Member of seminar team to help faculty participants utilize the World Wide Web as a tool to enrich their courses. Instructed participants about basic HTML and the fundamentals of web design. Conducted multiple one-on-one training sessions for faculty members to cover more in-depth topics.

Clark University - Public Affairs Department, Worcester, MA
Assistant Web Designer, June 1998 to August 1998 - Full Time
Maintained and managed university website. Developed content for departments and campus publications. Participated in committee tasked with the formation of full-time web manager position for the university.

Clark University
Bachelor Of Arts, To Be Awarded
Music Technology, Computer Music
Cooperstown High School
Regents Diploma - Class of 1997

Other Relevant Skills:
Elementary/intermediate proficiency in French